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Inspires a new innovation “What moves me strongly” <Pink Tourmaline x Garnet> Ingredients: Refined jojoba oil / Angelica essential oil / Copaiba balsam essential oil / Grapefruit essential oil / Cypress essential oil / Ravensala essential oil / Ginger essential oil / Frankincense essential oil / Dragon Blood essential oil Contents: 8ml Original BOX with carrying pouch. We will put it in the epiphany original tote bag. ♦Pink Tourmaline♦︎ Strengthens the base chakra and increases vitality. Release tension and support transformation. Increases the strength to believe in love and the confidence to express affection richly. ♦Garnet♦︎ It has a strong revitalizing and regenerating effect. Cleanses, activates, energizes, purifies and balances the chakras. Bring silence or passion as needed. Enhances survival instincts and brings courage and hope. It can turn a pinch into an opportunity.

Base chakra oil &lt;pink tourmaline x garnet&gt;

  • 《How to use》 Apply to clean skin, wrists, neck, and chakra points while rolling the roll, and take a deep breath while smelling the scent.

    《Precautions for use》 After use, make sure the lid is tightly closed and be careful of oil leakage. If you apply it to your wrists or neck, the oil may stain your clothing. After applying it to your skin, let it soak into your skin and be careful not to stain your clothes.

    Due to the characteristics of jojoba oil, it may harden below 10°C, but there is no problem with quality. Please use it after warming it with human skin.

    Due to the use of 100% natural ingredients, there may be differences in fragrance between lots, but there is no problem with quality.

    Avoid direct sunlight, hot and humid places, and keep out of reach of infants and children.

    *Please refrain from using if you are pregnant.

    Epiphany's <Healing Perfume Chakra Oil> uses Michael Zayat essential oil (cosmetic grade), a healing aroma essence that resonates with the soul. In addition, the crystals in the oil and the natural stones in the roll-on are carefully purified with Petaltone's crystal clear, white sage, and palo santo.

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