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Listen to your intuition, 

you already know what you need.

Enrich your senses with Epiphany. 

Aromatherapeutic crystals help you deepen your senses,

working directly on to the neural circuit.


Epiphany chakra oils directly speak to 8 energy points of your body,

7 chakras and the soul star.

The aromatic experience smoothly heals and guides you through phases of your spiritual growth, awakening super intuition, enlightenment, sudden inspiration and revelation.


Receive the gift of life, feeling into what’s beyond your knowing.

Awaken your inner knowing of your faith with Epiphany.

ABOUT: ようこそ!

8 Healing Perfume Chakra Oils

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The concept

"Your intuition knows what you really need."

epiphany epiphany included * soul star in 7 chakras

Work on a total of 8 energy points

A brand that started with crystals and 8 types of chakra oil.

Super intuition, enlightenment,

A sudden epiphany, a revelation...

The gift of life is to be able to feel something at the moment of a certain experience.

To feel an invisible value.

We hope that the encounter with this fragrance that you happen to have in your hand will become an inevitable gift for you.


​* Soul Star: A chakra located 15 to 25 centimeters above the head, which means "light of the soul."


♦Crystals and Essential Oils♦


Plants and minerals are like completely different things it can be feel,

but in the sense that it is a product of nature that gives us energy, it is a same existence.

Minerals are thought to be able to provide some kind of power to humans

that plants provide nourishment to humans.


Unlike plants, minerals can hardly take in energy from the human

digestive tract into the body, but instead, humans can take in the energy of minerals by working on the chakras, which are the entrances and exits of energy in the body. 


The point is, just with a different approach, but both plants and minerals bring us their own special energies of nourishment, vitality, healing, beauty and even inspiration


Epiphany proposes eight different oils

each corresponding to a different chakra.

The eight oils proposed by Epiphany are healing perfumed oils, each with its own unique blend of crystals and essential oils, corresponding to a specific chakra.e natural stone roll-on

that touches the skin directly,the two dissimilar materials create further harmony,

allowing unprecedented energy to be shared and drawn out from each other.


By immersing the crystals that activate the chakras in the oil, the vibration of

each crystal is directly dissolved into the oil.

The vibration that resides in each crystal is directly blended into the oil.

The use of different crystals in the natural stone roll-on, which comes in direct contact with the skin, creates an even greater harmony between the two different materials.

The two different materials create further harmony and draw out unprecedented

energies from each other.

And what is essential for the final finish is your own choice.

By using the oil of your choice, it resonates with your body temperature, energy,

and thoughts of the moment,

It will be composed into an original special scent that does not exist anywhere.

It will work on your auric field, adjust the energy balance,

I will eventually inspire someone...


Along with the memory of the scent that envelops you,

as a presence that is always by your side.

IMG_8490 2_edited_edited.jpg

♦︎8 kinds of chakra oil♦︎

A chakra oil that creates an original harmony when the energies of two different crystals come into contact with your skin.


We have originally blended aroma essences that work on 8 different chakras and selected crystals that activate each chakra.

We selected crystals that activate each chakra.


Smell, see and feel the scent of this oil.

You like the way it looks, you are attracted to the crystals, you like the scent. 

Whatever the reason, your inspiration, the oil that instinctively intrigued you and somehow attracted you, which is what you need right now.


epiphany symbol

The epiphany symbol consists of ∞(Infinity) and ♢ (Crystal). Epiphany's products always contain crystals,

and the brand started with

"8kinds of chakra Oils".

8 means infinity and represents energy

circulating through ♢ (crystal).

"Energy circulates through crystals."

In other words, it is a symbol that expresses the desire to circulate stagnant energy by using Epiphany's products.


3 types of aromatic mist

Infused with crystal energy

Aromatic mist.

♦︎dress up mist ♦︎

"Liberty of white bouquet "

the scent of white flowers

<Collaboration with Ryona jewel>


♦︎sound sleep mist♦︎

 "In to the cosmic "

The scent of deep dreams

♦︎self-awareness mist♦︎

"Open my heart" 

Fragrance that opens the heart

Using shell-calcined calcium water made by baking scallop shells as a base,

An aromatic mist that can deodorize, disinfect, and sterilize.

It can also be used as a room spray, linen spray, and mask spray.

The fresh and high-quality scent refreshes the space and mood in an instant.

service of epiphany

Regarding delivery

At epiphany, we have a little time from order to shipping. (3~5 business days)

Please send me a message if you are in a hurry.

​We will respond.


​gift wrapping

We offer a gift service that meets your needs.

​. Please feel free to contact us.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or requests regarding our services.


Send completed.

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