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Healing perfume chakra oils

We have originally blended aroma essences that work on 8 different chakras and selected crystals that activate each chakra.

We selected crystals that activate each chakra.


Smell, see and feel the scent of this oil.

You like the way it looks, you are attracted to the crystals, you like the scent.  Whatever the reason, your inspiration, the oil that instinctively intrigued you and somehow attracted you, which is what you need right now.


​What are chakras?

It means "circle" or "wheel" in Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language),

and is described as "a vortex of energy that rotates the aura body" or

"an energetic connection point between the physical body and the subtle body increase.”

Simply put, "a place where people's energy gathers and goes in and out".

Human energy originates from this "chakra", and it spins around like a wheel to create vitality. Although it is usually invisible, it is certain that it actually exists, and it can be said

the essence of human beings is the flow of such spiritual energy.

Being mentally and physically full of energy is essential for human life.

Chakras, also known as energy points, are vortices of energy that run through the body.


The aura body is this energy field in humans,

and what swirls in this energy field is the "chakra".

What is the role of chakras?

It circulates energy without stagnation and always fills life with fresh energy.

For example, if a room in a house is left closed all the time and the air is not changed,

the air will become dull, but if the air is changed regularly,

the room will improve and become brighter.

Also, if you leave a glass of water in a glass, it will become cloudy,

but if you keep pouring new water into the glass from the top and circulating it

so that it goes out from the bottom, the glass will stay clean forever.


In the same way, human beings need to circulate energy,

which means circulating energy from the heavens and energy from the earth, in and out.

Chakras are responsible for circulating the energy that surrounds us,

swirling around like the tides of the ocean.


♦︎ Why do crystals have the effect of aligning the chakras?

Crystals are just condensed and materialized energy,

and because the chakra frequency (vibration) emitted from the beautiful aura matches

the frequency (vibration) emitted by the crystal, as a result,

it is in tune with the crystal frequency (vibration). As that benefit of doing ,

the flow of naturally and chakra is also getting better.

1. Base Chakra


<Ruby x Carnelian>

My roots

"I am me"​

♦︎ Ruby ♦︎

It works great for energy. Bring vitality and balance to your life.  

Inspire lifelong passion.

Raise your vitality and experience the joy of life.

It strengthens the will of the person who wears it.

It also strengthens the foundation of the organization a

nd the bond between people.

It strengthens your life force and lends you the power

to let go of emotional pain.


Activate the base chakra.

Encourages grounding and firmly connects the bearer to

the present reality.

It has strong energy and has a stabilizing effect.

It is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation,

and has the power to purify other minerals.

It is full of vitality and vitality and stimulates the metabolism.


<Pink Tourmaline x Garnet>

Inspires a new innovation

"What strongly inspires me"

♦Pink Tourmaline♦︎

It strengthens the base chakra and increases vitality.

Release tension and support transformation.

Increases the strength to believe in love and the confidence to express affection richly.



It has a strong revitalizing and regenerating action.

Cleanses, activates, energizes, purifies and balances the chakras.

Bring silence or passion as needed.

Enhances survival instincts and brings courage and hope. It can turn a pinch into an opportunity.

2. Sacral Chakra


<Tangerine Quartz x Orange Calcite>

Believe in possibilities

"True joy is within yourself"

♦Tangerine Quartz♦︎

Boost your energy.

It has a strong activating action,

especially giving energy to the blood.  

It has the power to recover from fatigue and cleanse the circulation of energy in the body.

It dispels negative feelings such as discouragement and despair, and brings energy, positivity, and positivity.

It has a powerful cleansing effect,

purifying negative energy and evil spirits.

♦Orange Calcite♦︎

It enhances vitality with the power of the sun and

stimulates firm will and vitality.

As a result, you can improve and circulate the positive energy hidden inside, gain confidence, and feel a sense of satisfaction.

It stimulates imagination and ideas,

and works effectively for expression and creative activities.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra​


<Hematite Quartz x Tiger Eye>

Voyage of discovery

"Journey of self-discovery"

♦ Hematite Quartz ♦︎

Inspires courage and increases intelligence and awareness.

Gives strong mental power and calls for victory.

Encourages the strengthening of the mind and body and creates a foundation for oneself.

Inner joy, heading towards your original mission.

You can feel courage, vitality, happiness, wealth, mental stability, and the feeling of being alive.


♦Tiger eye♦︎

It combines the energy of the earth and the energy of the sun to create a high vibration.

Demonstrate the correct use of power and bring out

the perfection of competence.

Recognizes endowed sensibility,

promotes clarity of intent, and aids in accomplishing goals.


Balances yin and yang and energizes the emotional body.

It grounds, encourages self-expression,

and anchors change in the body.

Suppress your emotions and increase the strength of your will to be unaffected by your surroundings.

Encourage them to broaden their horizons, increase their insight, identify opportunities, and seize them.



<Titanite x Lemon Quartz>

Creative solutions

"Inner power is the solution"


It symbolizes purity and permanence.

It gives you the power to search for the truth of the world

that never changes.

It also makes you aware of inner power that

you have not noticed before.

A new future will be opened up when the inner power is obediently accepted.


♦Lemon Quartz♦︎

give dreams and hopes.

Restore balance on a physical level. grow talent.  

It boosts your mental strength.

Make your wishes come true and make them come true.

By imagining the realization of a dream,

we will support you until the end.

It fills the body with energy, especially in the abdomen.


4. Heart Chakra​


<Emerald x Malachite>

Unconditional love
"all we need is love"

♦ Emerald ♦︎

It symbolizes inspiration and infinite patience,

keeping integrity and affirming life.

Encourages you to celebrate life.

Also known as the "stone of fulfillment of love",

it brings happiness and devotion.

It strengthens relationships, unconditional love and cooperation, and maintains balance in friendships.

It opens the heart chakra and has a calming effect.

Provides mental clarity, enhances memory,

promotes deep inner understanding and broadens horizons.

It is a stone of wisdom and enhances insight.


Get to the heart of the problem and enhance your intuition

and insight, strengthen your ability to absorb and process information, and enhance your powers of observation.

It also helps in understanding the spiritual world.

Releases negative experiences and old traumas,

brings repressed emotions to the surface,

and restores the ability to breathe deeply.


This will balance the heart chakra a

nd bring clarity to your insight.



<Green Tourmaline x Aventurine>

Trust feelings
"The essence of love is to trust"

♦ Green tourmaline ♦︎

It has great healing powers, opens the heart chakra,

maintains compassion, kindness and patience,

and promotes unity with others.

It has the nature of nurturing love,

and brings the power to maintain balance and the joy of living.

Dispels fear, transforms negative energy into positive energy,

and releases energy.

Wearing it brings prosperity,

creativity and abundance to the person.

♦ Green Aventurine ♦︎

enrich love. It can see through the essence of things and

has the power to give foresight.  

It has a powerful spiritual healing effect.

Attract great luck.

It has a healing effect on the heart and dissolves

negative emotions and thoughts.

It relieves tension and stabilizes the mind,

helping you regain your self-esteem and calmness.

Affection for people close to you deepens, accepts others, and leads to harmonious human relationships.

5. Throat​ Chakra


<Aquamarine x Blue Lace Agate>

Aids clear communication”

The key is to tell the truth


Protects the aura, aligns the chakras, clears the throat chakra to facilitate communication from the higher realms.

It also has the effect of harmonizing

the physical and spiritual bodies.

Symbolizes eternal youth, wealth, joy and courage.

It gives courage to the person who wears it,

and has the power of the sea, s

o it makes you feel pure like surrendering yourself to the water.

Restore the original beauty and correctness of the mind and body.

♦Blue lace agate♦︎

It has a cooling and soothing effect, providing a sense of calmness. Acts directly on the nervous system and relieves physical tension. Especially useful for activating and healing the throat chakra. Freely express thoughts and feelings.  

Attenuates the effects of emotional inhibition and

repression due to fear of being judged or rejected.

It has a deep and gentle energy and heals the throat deeply.

Encourage self-expression.

6. Third eye Chakra


<Blue Fluorite x Lapis Lazuli >

Everything your heart desires in your hands
"You can get whatever your heart desires"

♦Blue Fluorite♦︎

It has a strong protective effect, especially on a spiritual level. Cleanses and stabilizes the aura.

Grounds and integrates spiritual energies.

Encourages impartiality, heightens intuition, heightens higher awareness, and promotes spiritual awakening.

Encourages clear communication and leads to

creative and coherent thinking.

Calms or activates energy.

By focusing on brain activity,

you can increase your healing potential and awaken spiritual awareness.

♦Lapis Lazuli ♦︎ 

Opens the third eye, promotes enlightenment, enhances dream work and psychic abilities, facilitates spiritual journeys,

and enhances personal and spiritual power.

Release stress quickly and bring deep peace.

It reveals inner truth, makes self-awareness,

and promotes self-actualization without hesitation or compromise.

Bring objectivity and clarity.


<Sapphire x Sodalite >

You will enter a new creative phase 

"Exercise new creativity"


Known as the stone of wisdom,

it is a stone used when seeking spiritual truth.

Since ancient times it has been associated with love and purity.

Hold it in your hand and meditate to get

great ideas and inspiration.

It is very effective in earth and chakra healing and is used to transmute negative energies.

It is said to be a stone that brings success,

has the will to achieve goals,

and strengthens the foundation of intelligence and charisma.

It promotes self-actualization and

encourages honest speaking of the truth.

♦ Sodalite ♦︎

It connects logic to intuition, opens spiritual awareness,

and channels information from higher consciousness

down to the physical level.

Stimulates the pineal gland and third eye to deepen meditation.

Inspires the desire for truth and ideals,

allowing one to be true to oneself and stand by one's beliefs.

It enhances rational thinking,

objectivity, truth, intuitive understanding,

and encourages verbal expression of emotions.

Increases self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-confidence.

<Veracruz Amethyst x Amethyst >

A time to ride your luck
"Guidance that springs from the depths of oneself"

8. Soul star chakra

7. Crown Chakra


<Veracruz Amethyst x Amethyst>

A time to ride your luck 

"Guidance that springs from the depths of oneself "

♦︎Veracruz Amethyst♦︎

Has extremely high vibrations and

deeply heals cells in each dimension.

Effective for purification in the spiritual dimension.

Heals all emotional wounds and facilitates journeys

into the spirit world.


Veracruz amethyst is highly transparent and is said to be

the most beautiful amethyst in the world.

In Mexico, where it is produced, it is said to be

"the stone where the goddess dwells."

It is a stone of exquisite gentleness that enriches

the imagination and encourages intuition and inspiration. 

It opens one's potential and enhances one's spirituality.

It purifies and heals past traumas in all previous lives.

Promotes and awakens the subconscious mind and expands precognitive abilities through meditation.

 The most spiritually powerful stone,

it spreads divine love, provides insight into the essence,

and promotes selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

Opens the eyes of intuition and enhances the faculties.


♦Amethyst ♦︎

A very powerful and protective stone with high vibrations.

Keeps one from being carried away by emotional turbulence, prevents unbalanced thinking,

and maintains a calm state of mind.

Adjusts unstable spirit to a stable state.

It protects against negative energy and

transforms energy into love.

Has strong healing and purifying powers and

promotes spiritual awareness.

Facilitates the decision-making process and brings

common sense and spiritual insight.

Connects cause and effect.



Due to its unique spiral crystal structure,

it has the most powerful healing and

energy amplifying properties on earth.

It is a crystal found all over the world that absorbs,

stores, releases and regulates energy and is excellent at

clearing energy blockages.

It works at a vibrational level,

attuned to the energies of those in need of healing and

those engaged in spiritual work.

It purifies the internal organs and reproductive organs,

enhances their functions, deeply purifies the soul,

and connects the body to the spirit.

It can be called a master healer and can be

used for all kinds of symptoms.

In addition, it brings a very good cleansing effect,

enhances imagination, intuition, insight,

and conveys learning from nature.

It has the effect of doubling the power of the combined stones, drawing out that power even more strongly, and promoting it.


It is said to be a "talisman that keeps the aura shining"

and strongly guards against external negative energy.

This amulet symbolizes the sun, and the energy of

the dazzling light is condensed.

It gives the owner "power of action", "energy", and "courage".

It also has the meaning of wealth and prosperity,

makes you demonstrate your ability,

and draws out your original power.

It has the effect of turning the impossible into the possible,

and supports breaking through the limits of one's abilities.

It has the effect of greatly expanding the possibilities of the future.

The world

“Life is a never-ending journey”

<Clear Quartz x Clear Quartz + Gold>


8.Soul star Chakra

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