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aromatic mist


Aromatic mist infused with crystal energy

Using shell-calcined calcium water made by baking scallop shells as a base,

An aromatic mist that can deodorize, disinfect, and sterilize.

It can also be used as a room spray, linen spray, and mask spray.

The fresh and high-quality scent refreshes the space and mood in an instant.



♦♦ Aromatic Mist ♦♦

I use Michael Zayat (cosmetic grade) essential oil.

The essential oils created with love by Mr. Michael Zayat, a family of alchemists from Egypt that has been passed down for generations, are said to have aromas that resonate with the soul.

Also, the crystal placed inside

Petaltone's Crystal Clear or Clear 2 Light, along with White Sage and Palo Santo are used for a gentle cleanse.

Petaltone Essence was born in Glastonbury, England.

A kind of flower essence, a very special essence carefully created by transcribing the energy of the orchid flower.

It has a powerful cleansing effect and is used in the White House and in the UK courts.


A special mist created through a number of careful processes that is possible only because it is handmade.


♦︎Aromatic mist uses only precious natural essential oils.

In order to enjoy the high quality and fresh scent,

we recommend that you use it up as soon as possible (within 1 to 3 months) after opening.



About the crystal inside

Epiphany Aromatic Mist contains crystals adapted to the potency of each scent.

♦︎ Pearls for the scent of white flowers ♦︎

Pearls stabilize the mind, promote beauty and health, and enhance the attractiveness of women.

It is said to have the effect of helping you enjoy life.

♦︎ Prehnite for the scent of deep dreams ♦︎

Give Prehnite a gentle healing, lead to deep meditation,

It is said to have the effect of wiping out mental and physical fatigue and deepening sleep.

aromatic mist


Dress up mist The scent of white flowers

“Liberty of white bouquet”

Liberty of white bouquet was born 

from Ryona jewel's pearl collection "Liberty" inspired.


Liberty's theme,

♢ Grace and strength ♢ The joy of being a woman ♢ Freedom without limits

likened to a bouquet of pretty white flowers.


jasmine, magnolia flower,

tuberose, muguet (lily of the valley),

Lily's 5 types of white flower essential oils luxuriously

Use and accent green,

“Open your heart and take care of yourself

Ravinsara's fragrance, which is said to be a "remembering scent"

Mix essential oils.

Reminiscent of designer ryona,

It has an enchanting glamor, and a scent that gently envelops you.

Inspired by “Liberty”, it will support you to enjoy life.

It is said that Pearl (freshwater)is inside.

As an air refresher, in the space.

Refresh as a mask spray.

As a linen spray, it can be used on clothes and bedrooms.

You can use it for bed linen.

Ingredients: water, calcined shell calcium,

jasmine essential oil, magnolia flower essential oil, tuberose essential oil,

Muguet essential oil, Lily essential oil, Ravinsara essential oil,


Contents: 30ml


sound sleep mist, the scent of a deep dream

“Into the cosmic”

A blend for sleep induction and meditation.

The trigger is that my close friends can't sleep,

It was born from receiving many consultations that


Two types of lavender from different production areas and South America

The shaman cleanses the place during the ritual

called the sacred tree, used for

Mainly palo santo, which has a sleeping effect

Among the gentle citrus mandarins, petitgrains and mints

soothe the nerves,

Bergamot mint, which is effective for a good night's sleep,

Accented with sandalwood, which is said to work on the heart and spirit.


A blend that leaves a gentle freshness in a rich sacred scent.


Furthermore, the crystal called prehnite inside heals mental and physical fatigue.

As an air refresher, in the space.

Refresh as a mask spray.

As a linen spray, it can be used on clothes and bedrooms.

You can use it for bed linen.

Ingredients: water, calcined shell calcium,

Lavender (French) essential oil,

palo santo essential oil,

Lavender (Kashmir) essential oil,

petitgrain essential oil, mandarin essential oil,

Bergamot mint essential oil, sandalwood essential oil

Prenite content: 30ml

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