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"Sensual waltz" oil
( Sensual Waltz Oil)

♦︎For enhance femininity♦︎
Roll-on oil, ​
”Sensual waltz”

Be who you are lightly,  the oil for fully celebrate being a woman. 

The reason for the creation of this oil was to relieve my friend's uterine pain. 

After using, in response to the report that menstrual pain was relieved and menstrual bleeding stopped, and we felt that it was an effective oil for women, and after further research, this was born.


The fragrance is such that when you smell it,

you feel as if you want to start dancing lightly unintentionally.

A scent that is not only just sexy,

but also intelligent and elegant,

and brings out the human charm that oozes from within.

It expresses the deep sex appeal of an adult woman.

“Sensual waltz”  was created with the hope that women will free themselves from the stereotypes that tend to limit them as they grow older and enjoy being a woman without hesitate, wearing this fragrance.

heart rose quartz,

Comes with a carrying pouch.

Place the heart-shaped rose quartz by your side like a talisman and hold it when you take a breath.

Stare at it and receive the energy of love and healing.

The following descriptions explain the benefits of the essential oils used.

We do not guarantee the efficacy of Sensual waltz.


♦Chest tree♦︎


Reportedly works to regulate hormonal balance, PMS (premenstrual syndrome), and the menstrual cycle.

The important thing is to use it for a long period of time.

It is reported that symptoms begin to improve as early as 2~3 weeks, and effects can be seen in as long as 2~3 months.

The drug is said to be extremely safe because it does not act in a hormone-like manner,

but rather acts on the pituitary gland to stimulate the corpus luteum to secrete progesterone,

thereby regulating hormonal activity.

It has a slow and mild effect, but is effective in treating the unpleasant symptoms of menopause.

In addition, it decreases the effectiveness of oral contraceptives and has shown effective efficacy in treating infertility.



An ancient name for wormwood, given in honor of Artemis (Diana), the Greek goddess of the moon and hunting.

It is said to be effective against women's diseases.

Davana flowers are offered daily to the Hindu god Shiva.


Balances the emotions and calms the nerves, and supports against anxiety and nervous irritability.

Also used to calm anger. Balances the menstrual cycle.

To accelerate the menstrual cycle, massage the lower abdomen (front and back) and the pip area with davana oil.


♦︎Tea Rose♦︎

All roses have a relaxing effect, but the tea rose has a particularly strong relaxing effect

(about three times that of ordinary roses!).

It is expected to have a deeper calming effect.

Compared to other Roses, it is particularly effective in anti-stress,

and its effect on the mind is highly effective in relieving stress


♢Efficacy ♢ 

Sedative effect, stress reduction, immunity improvement, sleep induction,

recovery from autonomic nervous system imbalance,

skin care effect (skin barrier function restoration enhancement)

The scent of tea rose element promotes the function of restoring unbalanced nerves to their original state.

This function is closely linked to the autonomic nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system,

and the fragrance is deeply involved in maintaining and restoring these systems.

Anti-stress, calming, skin regenerating, and skin renewal effects. 


♦︎Rose sentifolia♦︎ 

Meaning 100 petals in Latin, it was developed for perfume and has a mellow, sweet, and elegant fragrance.

Centifolia rose has the ability to inhibit hyaluronitase, an enzyme that breaks down hyaluronic acid.

By protecting hyaluronic acid in the skin, it also improves skin elasticity and luster.

It also has an anti-inflammatory action to prevent rough skin, a calming action to soothe sunburned skin

caused by ultraviolet rays, and a moisturizing effect, and is expected to have a high anti-aging effect.



Skin toning, moisturizing effect, antibacterial action, improvement of blood flow, restoration of skin elasticity,

brain activation, giving a sense of well-being, regulating autonomic nerves, relaxing effect, uterine tonic,

normalizing the function of female hormones, increasing appetite, suppressing gastritis,

improving bowel movements, enhancing immunity, suppressing headache and fever

Anti-inflammatory action, suppresses earache and tinnitus, odor suppression, hair growth, and antiallergic action


♦︎Rose Quartz ♦︎

Stone symbolizing love and beauty

It is said to have been utilized as a beauty elixir in ancient Rome and Egypt.

Rose quartz gives us many lessons about loving.

It is not a cure-all for all love problems,

but it plays an important role in bringing its pink, gentle, healing light deep into our inner being.

With enough light, we can see ourselves as the loving being we truly are, and

loving self can be unleashed into the world of love.

Rose quartz can help you through the self-doubt, depression, and life transitions that come with midlife.

It can help you get back on track when you have lost your way and show you the path you need to take now.

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