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Trust feelings "The essence of love is to trust"​ <Green Tourmaline x Aventurine> Ingredients: Refined Jojoba Oil / Goldenrod Essential Oil / Rose Essential Oil / Petitgrain Essential Oil / Lavender Essential Oil / Pink Lotus Essential Oil / Jasmine essential oil / Myrtle essential oil Contents: 8ml Original box with carrying pouch. We will put it in the epiphany original tote bag. ♦Green tourmaline♦︎ It has excellent healing power, opens the heart chakra, maintains compassion, kindness, patience, and promotes a sense of unity with people. It has the nature of nurturing love, brings the power to maintain balance and the joy of living. Dispels fear, transforms negative energy into positive energy, and releases energy. It brings prosperity, creativity and abundance to the wearer. ​ ♦Green Aventurine♦︎ Enriches love. He can see through the essence of things, and has the power to give foresight. Powerful spiritual healing. Attract great luck. It has a healing effect on the heart and dissolves negative emotions and thoughts. It relieves tension and stabilizes the mind, helping you regain your self-esteem and calmness. Affection for people close to you deepens, accepts others, and leads to harmonious human relationships. ​

Heart Chakra Oil &lt;Green Tourmaline x Aventurine&gt;

  • 《How to use》 Apply to clean skin, wrists, neck, and chakra points while rolling, and take a deep breath while smelling the scent.

    《Precautions for use》 After use, make sure the lid is tightly closed and be careful of oil leakage. If you apply it to your wrists or neck, the oil may stain your clothing. After applying it to your skin, let it soak into your skin and be careful not to stain your clothes.

    Due to the characteristics of jojoba oil, it may harden below 10°C, but there is no problem with quality. Please use it after warming it with human skin.

    Because we use 100% natural ingredients, there may be differences in the scent between lots, but there is no problem with the quality.

    Avoid direct sunlight, hot and humid places, and keep out of reach of infants and children.

    *Please refrain from using if you are pregnant.

    Epiphany's <Healing Perfume Chakra Oil> uses Michael Zayat essential oil (cosmetic grade), a healing aroma essence that resonates with the soul. In addition, the crystals in the oil and the natural stones in the roll-on are carefully purified with Petaltone's crystal clear, white sage, and palo santo.

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